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…Inviting You to Discover The Mindset and Skillset Needed to Communicate for Understanding, Connection and Influence at Work 

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VALUE: $6000

6 Two-Hour Live Trainings

  • Most women struggle to be heard and understood at work. They are reactive rather than responsive and aren’t able to make the impact they want. These 6 weeks give you the mindset and skillset needed to show up clearly and confidently in any situation.
  • With weekly trainings and Q&A, you get the answers you need to understand what it takes to be an effective communicator and leader.  With this type of intensive training, you graduate equipped and empowered, ready to create the change you want to see.
  • You have the desire to show up differently but without the tools, you’re stuck in a rut feeling powerless. This program provides you the steps to take and the framework to use in order to handle any future situation.

VALUE: $1000

2 Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Most of the advice we collect along the way is missing the crucial ingredient: SUPPORT. With 2 private one-on-one coaching sessions, we will identify your unique challenges, set goals specific to you and develop a customized game plan.
  • Most group programs are simply videos and webinars that leave you to figure out how to apply the concepts to your situations. With one-on-coaching on the front end of this experience, we’ll be able to consider how this fits to your unique situations from the very beginning, helping you get the most out of the program.
  • Again, most programs don’t include one-on-one coaching, so by the end of most programs you’re left with a ton of questions about how to make all that you learned fit going forward. With the second coaching session toward the end, you’ll get all your specific questions answers so you’re ready to step up and be the brave leader you know you are.

VALUE: $1000

Complete Vault of Brave Leaders Modules

* The Brave Leaders vault of Modules allows you to keep coming back to screen-tutorials that show you exactly how to increase your self-awareness, communicate your ideas, connect with others and have influence.

* If you have an assistant or team, you can share the modules with them so they can see what it takes to be an influencer!

* Once graduated, you have lifetime access to our vault. You and your team will be able to stay up on new trainings as we release them to our graduates.

VALUE: $1000

Mastermind of Peers

* Business is isolating. Especially as you learn a new skill. It can be invaluable to see how others are doing it. Going through this program in a cohort provides peer feedback and support, not to mention networking opportunities.

* Women interested in making a positive difference in their workplace have specific values. We want to be genuine and heart-centered. It’s important to have a peer group that come from similar values because you’ll be able to trust that the support and feedback you’re given is coming from an authentic place.

* Graduates of our program are a community of learners and change-makers. The shared experience of the Brave Leaders program creates a strong bond and tribe for your continued growth.

Your Total Value: $9,000

Your Investment Only: $597

(or 2 payments of $397)

…Inviting You to Increase Your Confidence and Strengthen Your Communication Skills In Just 6 Weeks or Less! 

(…Even if it feels a little out of your comfort zone!)