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    Helping individuals, leaders and teams thrive

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Workplace Professional Development, Coaching and Training

Helping individuals, leaders and teams thrive

Many organizations struggle due to an unhealthy culture.

I help identify problem areas; then work with individuals, leaders, and teams to create a healthy work culture so they can grow.

People find joy in their work again, feel empowered and peaceful, and the business thrives.

Ineffective communication is a leading cause of low morale, decreased productivity and lost revenue

The Cost of Communication Failure

1 in 3

estimate their inability to speak up in a crucial moment cost their organization at least $25,000 in lost time and resources.

Nearly Half

say they and others in their organization are not at all skilled or only a bit skilled at having these work-related Crucial Conversations.


estimate they waste two weeks or more ruminating about an unresolved problem at work.


of employees agree there is a recognized financial cost to communication failure.

Data based on a training by Crucial Conversations “Why Employee Silence Wrecks Your Bottom Line”.

Beat the Statistics. Commit to Success!

When people understand, respect and trust each other, they consistently bring their best and commit to the success of the team and organization. 

  • Handle difficult situations confidently
  • Be understood consistently
  • Set and maintain boundaries
  • Bridge the generational divide.
  • Have energy at the end of the day

A Personalized Experience

Not a One Size Fits All Program


Individually and collectively, we are complex beings.

You, your team, and organization deserve more than a rinse/repeat program to meet your unique challenges.

I tailor my services to you/your team’s needs to create lasting success.

Leaders / Supervisors

Thrive in your role.
Increase employee engagement.
Enhance collaboration within and between teams.
Improve business outcomes.

Team Members

Feel more empowered.
Be a more effective influencer.
Navigate difficult, crucial conversations.
Stand out and be promoted.
Find joy again in your work and life.

What our clients have to say

“Tara helped two of our staff members navigate a major transition in duties when their roles changed. She worked with them individually and together, to communicate and collaborate more effectively. She turned a work situation from one that was off to a very rocky start into a stable, productive one. Both staff members report how beneficial Tara’s coaching was to their relationships and own personal growth. And she left me with pointers on how to reinforce what was gained going forward! I would definitely hire Tara again.”

“I was shutting down any time I was triggered during communication. This was leaving me resentful, lost, and uninspired, especially when I needed to collaborate in order to progress on a project. I make coaching sessions with Tara a priority and am now able to manage my emotions and work effectively with others to be successful. Don’t think you have time? It’s the best hour I spend every week and helps me thrifve! “

Getting started is easy.


Together, we identify interpersonal and communication strengths as well as uncover areas that need strengthening.


We devise a plan to develop the skills and strategies needed for growth.


I provide the customized services needed to bring the plan to fruition and help you, your team and your organization thrive.

About Me

For nearly three decades, I have helped business professionals improve their experience at work, lower their stress and be their best.

I’ve had the privilege of training and coaching leaders and their teams from top-notch organizations such as Insulet Corporation, Washington Trust Bank, Gonzaga University, Witherspoon Kelley Law Firm, Avista Utilities, Boeing Employees Credit Union, National Association of Health Underwriters and more.

As an instructor, coach and podcast host for Gonzaga University, I provide valuable tools and strategies in diversity and inclusion, leadership, communication, self-empowerment, team development and public speaking.

With a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science (Leadership Development, Managing & Consulting) and many years of experience, I equip companies and their teams with the skills and mindset needed to thrive.


Leadership and Communication Specialist



Leadership and Communication Specialist


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